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Your gift makes a world of difference

Ilene’s Story: I became a Neighborhood Clinics employee as a clinic manager – having formerly worked as a case manager at a homeless shelter, I found myself in familiar territory at the Westside Clinic and witnessed first hand the challenges of serving a community in need of quality health care that may not have been readily available elsewhere, in particular the care and concern that the clinic staff employed to patients regardless of race, background or diagnosis.

Eventually, it came time for my career to take a turn, yet I felt strongly about the important work that the Neighborhood Clinics provides for the community and have remained as a volunteer ever since…and that was 10 years ago! I remain as a volunteer – and donor – to this day.

My most important and valued experience at the clinics occurred during one of my volunteer sessions at the Westside when I happened to mention to Dr. Susie Lawton an odd physical occurrence, to which she responded “…no es bueno!” and promptly scheduled me to have a biopsy in her office. A week later during my regular volunteer time, I was given the news that I had cancer, and that she had scheduled me to see an oncologist the following week. A few weeks later, on my birthday, I had cancer surgery. During the first follow-up visit the oncologist advised me of how close the cancer had come to breaching into the lymph nodes. No chemo – just radiation to complete the treatment.

That was five years ago – and I am cancer free today. Clearly, Dr. Lawton saved my life that day. I am grateful to the Neighborhood Clinics for the unique opportunity to have been an employee, a volunteer, a donor, and most importantly, for my health.

Your gift makes a world of difference

Rafael’s Story: I have 2 beautiful daughters that I love very much, but I was going through a rough time in the beginning of 2018. Meeting Sheila Navarro, a Patient Wellness Navigator at SBNC, was the key to opening the door for a new beginning in my life. Sheila’s effort to support me and listen to my situation helped me become more confident and disciplined.

Sheila’s referral to dental and medical services, as well as alternative payment, came at the perfect time. She also helped in guiding my first daughter to get the right medical support and address the needs that she had, including checkups.

I’m very thankful for the Westside clinic, the Eastside clinic, the Dental clinics, the Goleta clinic, and most of all for people like Sheila at the Westside clinic for everything they do for the community and have done for me.

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