Our Residency program offers extensive training in all aspects of Advanced General Dentistry for patients of all ages with diverse ethnic, cultural backgrounds, and complex medical problems.

Treatments performed include:

  • Endodontic Treatment with rotary files
  • Surgical extractions of impacted teeth
  • Surgical removal of tori
  • Periodontal surgeries
  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Implant overdentures
  • Implant placements and restorations

If you are a dental student or dentist looking for more information about our Dental Residency Program please visit:
Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD).

In partnership with NYU Langone Hospitals, SBNC offers 1 and 2 year AEGD Residency Programs at its 2 dental clinics:
Eastside Dental Clinic
Goleta Dental Clinic.

We participate in PASS (Program: 3237 Lutheran Med-Santa Barbara, CA). Applications can be made to PASS for the Match process. However, if our position(s) are not filled through the Match process, post-Match applicants may apply directly to our program in January, right after Match result is announced. Please check LMC website to see if we have unfilled position(s) post-Match

Application requirements include:

  1. Resume / CV
  2. Dental School Transcript
  3. National Board(s) result
  4. Dean’s letter of recommendation
  5. Two letters of recommendation from clinical faculty
  6. Personal Statement/Essay

To be sent (Post-Match, only) to:

Dr. Quynh Nguyen, Chief Dental Officer
Eastside Dental Clinic
923 N. Milpas St Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: (805) 884-1998