Good Neighbors Program Description:


The purpose of “Good Neighbors” is to expand community awareness of and invite ongoing financial support for Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC).
Good Neighbors will have access to exclusive benefits throughout the year. These include:
  • An annual event giving members an opportunity to hear updates about SBNC and/or related medical issues impacting the Santa Barbara community
  • Invitations to all SBNC event, special engagements and private guest receptions
  • Recognition as a Good Neighbor member in printed materials, as appropriate, website and on our social media platforms
  • Invitations to participate or host personal or professional interest in the mission and goals of SBNC

Good Neighbors are willing to

  • Introduce SBNC and Good Neighbors to their circle of influence
  • Understand SBNC’s financial reliance on supporters like Good Neighbors and the role of donation-based gifts
  • Volunteer in support of various events as interested (“Healthcare Heroes” or organizational special events such as hosting tours, receptions or luncheons)

Membership Requirements

  • Per household, an annual donation of $1,000.00 or more to SBNC specifically for the Good Neighbors program
  • Serving as an ambassador on behalf of SBNC in the community (volunteer at SBNC events and activities)
  • Helping to identify, cultivate and invite new prospective Good Neighbor members

For more information about how you can become involved in the Good Neighbor program, contact Maria W. Long, Director of Development and Community Awareness at or at 805-452-5466

To get started today, download the Good Neighbors Pledge form ( link below) and mail it to our administration office at:
Attn: Development Dept.
414 East Cota Street, 1st floor
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Good Neighbors Pledge Form- Click Here


Good Neighbors Members

Founding Ambassadors: Katina Zaninovich, Sybil Rosen, Sue Adams, Gerd Jordano & Jane Habermann

Pat Aptaker, Gail Arnold, Mark & Sharon Basham, Nicole Bennett (CenCal), Lois Capps, John Carbon, MD, Dorothy Largay, David Chernof, MD, Charles Fenzi, MD, Visanti & Joel Fithian, Trish Gainey, Jay & Cynthia Grigsby, George Issac, Angel Iscovich, MD, Ruth Loomer, Alan Macy, Lorraine McDonnell, Patty McFarlane, Dan Ovadia, MD, Nikki Rickard, Richard & Linda Ring, Nancy Tillie, Anne Towbes, Maria Long, Dianne & Donald Flanigan, Laura Uhrig, Richard Thielscher, John & Ann Brinker, Mark Asman, Rob Pearson & Jon Glasoe, Nancy & Bob Knight*

* In memorium