Allison Mayer-Oakes, MD

Allison Mayer-Oakes, MD, MSPH, FACP Internal Medicine Eastside Clinic I have always practiced medicine believing in the whole person; body, mind and spirit.  I have been an advocate for and [...]

Megan Horn, NP

Megan Horn, NP Family Medicine Eastside Clinic My goal as a family Nurse Practitioner is to be able to provide compassionate care to everyone! It is an honor to provide high quality, holistic [...]

Anupama Sharma, MD

Anupama Sharma, MD, MPH Pediatrics Eastside Clinic I view health care as a human right to which all persons should have access despite socioeconomic barriers.  For this reason, I choose to work [...]

Bonnie Davis, MD

Bonnie Davis, MD Family Medicine Eastside Clinic Looking back on 18 years as a Family Practice Doctor, I feel very grateful to all of the patients who have changed my life by allowing me to [...]