Nina Hernando

Nina Hernando, DDS General Dentistry Eastside Dental Clinic Quote:  Dental health is an important part of a person’s overall health! I enjoy working with patients to discuss and educate them on [...]

William Fontaine

William Fontaine, DDS General Dentistry Goleta Dental Clinic Quote:  I enjoy working at Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics because everyday is another opportunity to meet someone new in my [...]

Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen, DDS Lead Dentist Dentist Goleta Dental Clinic Dentistry allows me to apply science with artistic skill to serve and improve people’s health, appearance and well being. SBNC allows [...]

Christina Mendoza

Christina Mendoza, DDS Lead Dentist General Dentistry Eastside Dental Clinic As a clinician, I enjoy being able to reach all areas of our community and provide quality care to those that may have [...]

Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes, DDS General Dentistry Goleta Dental Clinic Dr. Michael Holmes was born and raised in Santa Barbara and first began working at SBNC as a volunteer when he was a teenager. As the [...]

Justin Evans

Justin Evans, DDS Dentist Integrated Care Clinic I enjoy the opportunity here at SBNC to help guide patients toward better oral health and quality of life. Hobbies: Spending time with my family, [...]

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin, DDS Dentist Eastside Dental Clinic I enjoy working closely with patients and families of all ages and backgrounds toward bettering their overall systemic health through the [...]

Domenic Caluori

Domenic Caluori, DMD Chief Dental Officer General Dentistry Eastside Dental Clinic I am extremely grateful having chosen a profession I actually love. Working at the Santa Barbara Neighborhood [...]

Ann Lee

Ann Lee, DDS General Dentistry Goleta Dental Clinic I love working in a community clinic, and helping people smile, chew, and talk normally again! This job is full of surprises and interesting [...]