Doruk Camsari, Deniz

Deniz Doruk Camsari, MD Behavioral Health Goleta Clinic “I love working for SBNC because it allows me to make a difference for those who have limited access to mental health resources. The [...]

Hagarman, Ryan

Ryan Hagarman, LCSW Behavioral Health Goleta Clinic As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have always wanted to provide any patient with the availability to have someone to talk to about an [...]

Bracho, Lorena

Lorena Bracho, MACP MFT Behavioral Health Westside Clinic Being a psychotherapist is my biggest joy so far. I truly enjoy helping individuals to work on becoming the best version of themselves [...]

Guajardo, Ali

Ali Guajardo, LCSW Behavioral Health  Isla Vista Clinic As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my work as a behavioral health specialist and consultant with SBNC is informed by my deep love for [...]

Maynard, Emily

Emily Maynard, PhD Behavioral Health Bridge Clinic As a clinical psychologist, I choose to work at Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics because I enjoy working with patients from all backgrounds. I [...]

Rosen, Kayla

Kayla Rosen, Psychiatrist Behavorial Health Goleta Clinic I am interested in living in a community where mental health care is accessible and helpful. I love working at SBNC because it gives me [...]

Capristo, Deise

Deise Capristo, LCSW Behavioral Health Isla Vista Clinic As a Behavioral Health Provider, I value giving people in our community a voice, a space in which they can openly share and process life [...]