Elizabeth Burke, LCSW

Elizabeth Burke, LCSW Behavioral Health  Goleta Clinic As a Licensed Clinical Social worker I have always strived to provide a therapeutic environment that is safe and welcoming. My goal is to [...]

Ali Guajardo, LCSW

Ali Guajardo, LCSW Case Management  Goleta Clinic As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my work as a behavioral health specialist and consultant with SBNC is informed by my deep love for all of [...]

Kayla Rose

Kayla Rosen Psychiatrist Goleta Clinic I am interested in living in a community where mental health care is accessible and helpful. I love working at SBNC because it gives me the opportunity to [...]

Deise Capristo, LCSW

Deise Capristo, LCSW Behavioral Health Specialist Isla Vista Clinic What is Behavioral Health? Behavioral Health is mental health. Like Physical health issues such as diabetes or asthma, mental [...]