As the National Children’s Dental Health Month comes to a close, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics and the Assistance League of Santa Barbara celebrate the cavity free children who are patients at our dental clinics! On Saturday, March 3rd, at 2:00 pm, we will host the children and their families for an afternoon of fun and recognition. The event will be held at The Assistance League Headquarters located at 1259 Veronica Springs Road, Santa Barbara, CA. More than 50 children attended last year’s event and more than 100 are expected this year.

“We established this event to celebrate the success of the children and their parents in achieving good oral health. Many of these children come to the clinic with cavities but six months later we have treated them and the kids have kept their teeth clean and free of disease. This is something to be proud of and needs to be recognized,” said Dr. Domenic Caluori, Chief Dental Officer of Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics.

The Cavity Free Club was established in 2012 as an incentive for kids and their parents to practice good oral health. Children patients at the Eastside Family Dental Clinic or the Goleta Neighborhood Dental Clinic who do not have any cavities or were able to remain cavity free for 6 months are eligible club members. Their pictures are posted on the cavity free board, in the reception area of each clinic. The annual event is held to celebrate the success of the families by presenting each child with a certificate of achievement and congratulations for being an excellent “Cavity Fighter”. Children are entered into drawings on the day of the event to win multiple prizes.

“The Smiles Program of the Santa Barbara Assistance League plays a crucial role in this day. They have a program with volunteer educators who come to our dental clinics in the afternoon and educate the children on proper oral health habits such as brushing and flossing,” explained Dr. Caluori. “This is also where the children and parents learn about the negative effects of sugar in our diet and how to make smart dietary choices.”

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