To meet the tremendous need-and make our vision a reality-SBNC is embarking on comprehensive campaign to invest in a state-of-the-art clinic on the Westside of Santa Barbara and fund ongoing operation and facility needs that will allow us to serve thousands more people who currently lack care throughout our community.

Join Us!

SBNC has played a major role in the health of our community for decades. Supporting SBNC means you are “paying it forward” and giving everyone in our community the opportunity to live their best lives. With your help, we can continue our mission and tradition of serving everyone and making it a healthier place for all. Our goal is to raise $20 million, with which we will:

Invest in a new Westside Clinic

  • Expand medical exam rooms by 50% to 9 rooms
  • Provide new dental services in 6 operatories
  • Integrate space to behavioral health specialist and psychiatrist
  • Include space for additional collaboration on the Westside

Provide care for everyone

‘Living our mission’ will always produce a funding gap. Even those people with insurance do not cover the full cost of providing care that includes many services for which there is no reimbursement such as nurses, wellness navigators, and referral specialists.

Ensure current facilities support high-quality care

We must continue to invest in all of our facilities to provide care that is efficient and compassionate.

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To learn more about the campaign, contact our Development Department at:
805-617-7866 or email